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AMX Harman - Audio Visual Equipment, Control Systems & Automation

Corporate Products

Meeting Spaces - From intuitive user interfaces to sophisticated room control and audiovisual distribution, HARMAN has solutions that fit any space from the smallest huddle space to the most complex corporate boardroom.

Activity Based Working - With a focus on casual, impromptu meetings and instant collaboration, activity-based working encourages employees to work together and choose the right space for each task. HARMAN has solutions that allow employees to find meeting spaces quickly and easily.

Networked AV - HARMAN networked AV solutions allow audio and video signals to be placed directly onto an existing network and streamed anywhere around the globe. Want to send the CEO's town hall meeting to boardrooms in multiple cities? Not a problem. HARMAN has you covered.

Enterprise Wide System Management - Maximum uptime is guaranteed with HARMAN's Resource Management Suite that allows staff to centrally monitor AV technology and support it remotely right from the help desk. Have a projector bulb about to burn out? Our systems will tell you before it happens.

Campus Wide AV Distribution - From the time employees hit the lobby, share content from boardroom to boardroom, or boardroom to lunchroom, or boardroom to all rooms. Anything is possible. Our signal distribution solutions are the most complete in the industry. We are the leader in Networked AV that allows content to be streamed over an existing network.

AMX networked AV products provide real world solutions that allow customers to deploy, monitor, trouble shoot and to expand with their future needs. Featuring a product portfolio that is the widest in the industry, the most secure, and delivers the lowest cost of total ownership.


Metro Solutions Are The Audio Visual Specialists In Cork And The South Of Ireland.

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