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Digital Signage

Employ Digital Signage to deliver dynamic and powerful messages

Metro Solutions can provide and install digital signage solutions for all your projects and across all sectors of business and industry. The sectors listed below are just the tip of the iceberg of sectors where digital signage would enhance customer experiences and an extremely cost efficient manner.


FOOD & DRINK - Digital Signage

Let Metro Solutions help you to find an engaging Digital Menu Board solution capturing the customer’s attention is a top priority in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Digital Menu Boards are replacing static and dull printed menus that were traditionally placed in light boxes. Successful Digital Menu Boards work by grabbing and keeping the customers attention and then informing them on the offers you want to promote. One huge advantage is that going digital allows you to add motion to your menu; making your imagery so much more enticing. Using videos and animations can have a massive impact on customers viewing your menu. Digital Menu Boards allow you to showcase your food in glorious high definition and with a vivid LCD panel; your food will never look better. Digital Menu Boards can also be updated instantly and at no extra cost, unlike print menus; this results in a huge saving as there are no distribution costs. It also allows you to change information such as pricing, or allergy information, in an instant.

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CORPORATE - Elevate staff engagement with Digital Signage

When you think of Digital Signage, corporate offices are not the first environment that most would imagine but it can serve many purposes when used in business environments. Ineffective internal communication is a big problem that many companies face. Keeping staff up to date with a Digital Signage display with news allows them to feel included in the direction of the company. It doesn’t just need to be company statistics posted either, you can use a screen to feature specific achievements, advertise work/social events and even post morale boosting messages. If used effectively organisations can also use signage technology to encourage a more productive work culture by boosting the morale of staff and in turn increasing the quality of work they produce.

The future of business meetings are going to be about collaboration and sharing of ideas. With so much business work now done on smartphones and computers, effective file sharing can be difficult; that’s where our Interactive Touch Displays come in. This kind of revolutionary display is designed with collaborating and sharing in mind and is going to be an essential tool for productive meetings.

Dazzle visitors to your office with Digital Android Advertising Display. Installing Freestanding Digital Posters or Video Walls into your office lobby is a perfect opportunity to control and communicate your corporate message with images and videos


ENTERTAINMENT - Digital Signage

Casinos, cinemas, zoos, casinos and theme parks are just some of the leisure locations that can reap benefits from Digital Signage. At an entertainment venue like these, Digital Signage gives businesses the chance to engage with their customers in a way like never before. Gone are the boring static posters of yesteryear. Digital Signage is where it’s at if you want to speak to your audience.

In an entertainment based venue, Digital Signage can be used as an effective advertising tool. In your own venue you can promote services and events direct to your target audience. Digital Signage is also a great way to inform repeat customers of short term promotions that they may otherwise miss out on. For larger entertainment businesses, Digital Signage screens can also become a source of income. Sell advertising space to local businesses to promote their services on your Digital Signage screens. Showing social media feeds on your Digital Signage is another way to get the most out of your marketing efforts and really engage with your customers.


TRANSPORT SECTOR - Digital Signage

The transport sector was one of the first industries where Digital Signage really took off. With a large number of passengers all looking for information, Digital Signage screens are now a must have in any transport hub. From bus stations to train stations to airports, real time information is essential to keep the flow of passengers through the public transport interchanges. 

Providing travellers with the most up to date information is what will keep them moving swiftly onto their final destination. Displaying the arrival/departures is the best way to inform passengers where and when they should be to catch their means of transport. Of course delays, emergencies and cancellations can occur too. With real time updates news of these events can be spread far and wide so customers can be kept up to date. Digital Signage is also a good opportunity to inform viewers of information they may like to know such as the nearest hotels or the liquid allowances for baggage on flights. 

Digital Signage is there to optimise the experience for those travelling, but it can also help generate income for transport hubs themselves, for example with a Freestanding Outdoor Advertising Display you can sell a lot more advertising space if placed in areas with a lot of footfall compared with static print signage. With many retail and food concession stands available within the same building as transport Digital Signage is a natural fit to cross promote each other. The advertising possibilities are limitless within environments like this.


GYMS AND FITNESS - Entertain and inform gym members with Digital Signage

Digital Signage Displays are able to entertain and inform gym members as they work out. Gym goers are looking out for anything to engage them while working out; Digital Signage works great in this environment as you already have an extremely captive audience. From class timetables to health tips you have the target market right in front of you to present relevant fitness and promotional materials. 

Bright and colourful content is sure to stand out in loud gym full of physical activity and you can tailor what is displayed on each screen to specific parts of the gym. The reception area of any gym is a prime position for Digital Signage. In this area you can inform members of gym classes, and use these screens to promote other areas of gyms like café items and spa treatments. Inside the gym itself in areas with lots of static cardio machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes you can use our Android Network Media Player with Live Inputto display a live TV feed surrounded by gym related content. For those working out the visuals will be a welcome relief and a distraction while exercising. For those doing more functional training you can post workout demonstration videos to help people with their form and even inspire them with new exercises. In the weights area you can display gym safety rules and in larger exercise class rooms and gymnasiums; LCD Video Walls are great displays to show content on during classes.

HEALTH CARE - Digital Signage

Digital Signage displays are transforming the way that healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. Whether they are used for wayfinding or for displaying healthcare information, digital displays offer a chance for hospitals to engage, interact and ultimately improve the whole healthcare experience for a patient. Digital Signage can be displayed in various locations at a hospital or healthcare facility including lobbies, hallways, car parks, canteens and waiting rooms.

Installing an Android Advertising Display in a waiting room can lessen the perceived waiting times for appointments, thus reducing the stress and anxiety that some patients might be feeling. Digital Signage displays can offer some form of entertainment or escape for a patients or visitors. Think of your Digital Signage as a modern and dynamic pin noticeboard, used to display vital health advice and public messages in an organised and dynamic way


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