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Metro Solutions are the Creston specialists in Cork and the South of Ireland.


Optimise Your Enterprise With Crestron

Elevate your business to an intelligent enterprise with cost-effective, energy-efficient technology that simply works. Crestron employs scalable, reliable technologies for flexible and intelligent workplace solutions that are designed to increase workflow and improve productivity throughout your enterprise. From wireless presentation systems and distributed audio and video to automated lighting and climate control, Crestron provides a solution for every type of room within a building or across an enterprise. Dynamic systems and intuitive controls give you the ability to centrally monitor and manage your technologies on one intelligent, reliable platform. Transform your environment and empower your people to work smarter and more efficiently with Crestron technology.

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Communication Without Interruption

Outfit your intelligent enterprise with advanced collaboration rooms that feature secure and reliable global communication technologies. Scalable, easy-to-use videoconferencing systems from Crestron deliver secure, low-latency, low-bandwidth communications for a stable connection with someone in the building across the street or across the globe. Videoconference with your intercontinental colleagues in real-time on a conference room display while using the room’s camera, microphone, and speakers for an immersive experience that inspires a true collaborative atmosphere. The easy-to-use chat feature enables colleagues who are waiting at the airport to be involved in the discussion without digging out a headset or introducing distracting background noise. Dynamic capabilities such as one-touch meeting start, quick file sharing, and simple conference calling right from the room’s touch screen give you all the tools necessary for efficient, productive meetings.

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Impressive Boardrooms & Executive Offices

Your time is precious, so don’t waste it fumbling with the lights or finding the right cable for your laptop. Let everyone who enters your boardroom or executive office know you mean business with smart technology that turns on the lights, draws the shades, adjusts the temperature, and powers up the AV system as soon as you walk in the room. Tapping the one-touch meeting start button on the room’s touch screen automatically displays your presentation so no time is lost trying to connect your device to the display. The touch screen’s user-friendly, intuitive interface requires just a few taps to select an input or make system adjustments. Make the most of every moment of your meetings with easy-to-use, cutting-edge automation solutions.

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Crestron Zoom Rooms

Experience the power of  Crestron Mercury + Zoom Rooms

  • 7" touch screen control

  • Embedded Zoom Rooms interface

  • High-fidelity speaker

  • 360° microphone array

Run Zoom Rooms natively on 
TSW Touch Screens

  • Available in 5", 7", & 10.1" models

  • Embedded Zoom Rooms interface

  • Enterprise grade hardware to control your room

  • Total security - enterprise-grade network security, including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH, and SFTP

Requires PC codec running Zoom Rooms

Contact the Creston specialists in Cork

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